Want to try Stello? Read this first!

Yes, we'll be brief...


What is Stello?

Stello is a desktop app for sending newsletters, with a focus on simplicity and security.

What can Stello do?

View a Stello message

What do I need to know?

1. Stello is a tool not a service

We don't send messages for you like Mailchimp does, you send them yourself... using Stello.

2. Stello is limited by your email account

It can send as many messages as your email account allows, which is usually between 100-300 per day for free accounts (more for paid accounts).

3. Stello stores all your data on your device

So you can't login on another device, and you're responsible for backing up your own computer.

4. Stello enhances your existing security

Stello is only as strong as the method you use to send messages (which is usually email) but it will provide you with message expiration, retraction, and encrypted responses.

Should I use Stello?


  1. Enhances security with expiration and retraction
  2. Allows richer interactive content (like slideshows/videos/etc)
  3. Recipients can comment and react to message sections
  4. Avoids the spam issues traditional services have
  5. Looks great on mobile phones


  1. Can only use on one device
  2. Data cannot be recovered if you lose your device
  3. Sending is subject to email account limits