Stello borrows aspects of social media and brings them to newsletters (only the good parts). It allows readers to respond via reactions and comments, and in response to the whole message or individual sections of it. Some newsletters may have sections that are vastly different in content and mood and so replying to the whole message can be awkward in knowing what to say. Instead readers can respond appropriately to individual sections.

Receiving responses

Stello responses are encrypted and are linked to contacts within Stello, so you must open Stello to read and reply to them. You can optionally opt for the slightly less secure option of being able to read the contents of replies within the notifications Stello emails to you, but you must still open Stello to reply to them.


Replies to responses use the same method as sending a new message, except the template used for the invitation can be customised separately to ordinary messages. You can send quick text-only replies to responses or can customise the entire message instead.