Account recovery

If you're reading this then there's a good chance your computer just died or got stolen. We have good and bad news.

Good news

You can create as many sending accounts as you like and reuse the same email address. Your existing sent messages are still readable by your recipients and will expire as normal.

Bad news

Unless you have a backup of your computer you cannot recover your contacts/drafts/settings from Stello. Sending accounts only store sent messages, everything else stays on your device for security reasons. You also won't be able to receive any responses to your existing messages any more.

If you have a backup or are able to recover your computer's harddrive then you can restore your data from that. If you were syncing your contacts with Google Contacts then you simply need to sync them again.

You also can't reuse the same username you were using (for security reasons), you'll need to choose a different one.

Account deactivation

If you lost your Stello data then you'll want to deactivate your account so that recipients don't send you replies that you can no longer access. Your sent messages will still be readable until they expire but the options to respond to them will be hidden. Alternatively you can request for your account to be deleted and all sent messages will be gone as well.

If your sending account was with Gracious Tech you can contact us to do this.