How do I ...?

The answer to your question will sometimes be "you can't" if we feel it goes against the design of Stello. We are always open to feedback though, so feel free to try change our mind if you have compelling reasons.

Format text

Aside from the options already available...

Change font

You can change the font used for all message text and headings by changing the message appearance in your sending profile. You can choose between serif and sans-serif for paragraphs but the actual font used is chosen by Stello.

Change font size

Stello does not allow you to explicitly set the font size as it is already carefully chosen to be easily readable and will change size automatically depending on the size of the screen. You can however create headings (large text) and notes (small text).

Change font color

You cannot change font color though you can change the general theme color of messages in your sending profile settings. This is to ensure your text always remains easily readable whether the recipient is reading in light or dark mode.

Align text

You cannot align text in Stello. Around half of readers open emails on their phones and text alignment is usually irrelevant on phones because the screen width is so narrow. Stello is designed to be simple and this feature does not add enough value to warrant having a button for it.

It is common to want to center headings. Instead, consider creating a banner image (with text overlayed) for your message or section which will be more visually appealing. Generic professional photographs can be added to Stello within moments simply by copying and pasting.

Underline/strike/etc text

You cannot modify text beyond the options already available. Underlining text is commonly used for links in webpages which might confuse some readers if they can't click on them. Consider using the highlight feature instead to draw attention to text.

View a sent message

It is recommended to include yourself as a recipient when sending messages so you can view them as well. You can create a contact without an email address to do this if you don't want to get emailed for each message. If you haven't sent it to yourself you can copy it to a new draft and view the contents that way instead. (We may make this easier in future)

If you need to print your message or transmit it as a PDF for printing, you can send yourself a copy of it and use your browser to print it or save it as a PDF. If some parts of the message are missing try enabling "background graphics" when printing/saving. If you already sent the message you can copy it to a new draft and send it only to yourself.

If you used pages in your message you can not easily print them. We hope to make this easier in future.

Login on another device

Stello does not support multiple devices. We prioritise security over convenience and the safest place for your private content is on your own device rather than our servers.

If you need to create newsletters collaboratively, you could:

  • Draft letters in a Google doc and copy/paste into Stello when done
  • Take it in turns to write a newsletter on the same device
  • Use Stello in portable mode (Mac & Linux only)

If you are trying to move to a new device see Backup & restoration, or if you have lost your old device see Account recovery.

Send in multiple languages

You should create a separate sending profile for each language and create contact groups for each language. You can then write a message in one language, copy the draft, and translate it into the other language and assign the correct sending profile and contact group. Then the message, invitation text, and other text will all be in the correct language for each recipient.

Send a different newsletter

Create a new sending profile for every new newsletter. You can create as many sending profiles as you need and use the same email address for all of them. People that unsubscribe from your messages will only unsubscribe from the sending profile you used to send it.