Stello's security not only makes it a more secure alternative to other solutions but it also makes it a more private one as well. Your messages cannot be read by the services used to send them because they are encrypted. Your drafts and contacts stay on your device rather than a server, and your sending account doesn't require any personal information that could be used to identify you.

What the sending service can see

InformationMailchimp / etcStello
Your nameViewableInaccessible
Your email addressViewableInaccessible
Your contactsViewableInaccessible
Your draftsViewableInaccessible
Contents of sent messagesViewableInaccessible
Who messages are sent toViewableInaccessible
Time messages sentViewableTransient
Quantity of messages sentViewableTransient
Your IP address (and location)ViewableTransient

Some data as seen above is "transient" in that it is impossible for the sending service not to know about it, but it is not preserved and disappears as soon as your messages expire.


Stello was created by a non-profit Christian organisation and our motivation has been purely to create apps that help Christian causes. So we have no interest in your data, rather we much prefer not to have any of it. We'll also never charge anything and never introduce a premium plan when used for Christian causes (other use cases are also currently free for the foreseeable future).