Privacy Policy

How your information is used

In your device: Information you store in Stello may include (but not limited to) your name, email account details and credentials, your contacts' email addresses/names, and your private correspondence with your contacts. This information is used to facilitate correspondence with your contacts, and will remain on your device unless required to facilitate such correspondence.

In cloud services: In order to correspond with your contacts, your personal information may be sent to and stored with third parties such as Amazon Web Services. This information is protected by encryption and security tokens, but can be accessed publicly if you or your contacts share private links to it.

In Gracious Tech Pty Ltd: We are the creators of Stello and may store basic information from you regarding your use of Stello or when you contact us for support, such as your IP address, user agent, email address, error reports, etc. This information will be used to improve Stello and prevent abuse of our software or services. Your personal information will never be exploited by us, never be sold to third-parties, and we keep as little of it as possible.

Access to third-party accounts

You may choose to give Stello access to a third-party account you own such as a Google account, Microsoft account, or an email account. Stello uses this access from your device only, so it is inaccessible to us.

Account id and email address: Stello will request to know your unique account id and your email address so that it can distinguish between multiple accounts and help you identify which accounts you have connected.

Access to email: Normal use of Stello will usually involve you providing Stello with permission to send emails on your behalf. Where possible, permission will only be granted to send emails, though if permission is also unavoidably granted to read or receive emails this permission will never be made use of. Stello will only use your email account to send messages you have instructed it to send.

Access to contacts: You may choose to import from or sync contacts with a contacts service. Stello will store only the information from contacts that it needs to facilitate correspondence with them. Stello will change contact details if you request it to, including adding or deleting contacts.

Handling of abuse

Gracious Tech is unable to access your private correspondence with your contacts by design, however we may request you grant us access if we suspect you are violating our terms of use, or your recipients may provide us access by reporting abuse. If access is not granted we may be forced to instead delete your account, since we can't otherwise access it.