Backup data

Stello stores all its data on your device for security, and not in an online account like you might be used to. So it is important to always have a backup system running (for your entire computer that is).

Stello doesn't currently have a backup feature (though it will likely in future). However, you can still backup Stello and restore it manually.


Stello's data is stored in the following locations. You will need to show hidden files in order to see it.

  • Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Packages\GraciousTechPtyLtd.StellobyGraciousTech_e48fz50n7vtmc\LocalCache\Roaming\stello
  • Mac: /Users/*username*/Library/Application Support/stello
  • Linux: /home/*username*/.config/stello/

You can copy that folder to backup Stello. Most backup programs should automatically backup such directories.


Copy Stello's data folder back to the location above for your new device. If you have backed up your entire computer then this should happen automatically when restoring the computer. If the folder already exists because you already opened Stello on the new computer, you can delete the existing folder if you are confident you don't need it any more.


Be sure to only use Stello on one device, otherwise you'll end up with some messages/responses on one and not on the other, or possibly break something...

Portable use

Stello can be used portably so that you can store the app and your data on an external drive if you wish to, such as for security or to use on multiple devices (with the same operating system).

  1. Put Stello where you want it
    • Windows: Currently not recommended as if you move Stello it won't receive automatic updates from the Windows store
    • Mac: Move the whole Stello app (technically it is the folder)
    • Linux: Move the stello.AppImage file
  2. Move Stello's data folder next to the app and rename it from stello to stello_data
    • See above for the location of the folder
    • If you don't mind starting from scratch, just create an empty stello_data folder

Whenever Stello detects there is a stello_data folder next to it, it will use that for your data instead of the default location in your user files.


Always move the folder rather than copying it, as if you duplicate it and later open Stello without the portable data folder present, your data will get out-of-sync and possibly corrupted.